Saturday, May 15, 2010

39 Weeks!!!

Wow! We are finally here! Dax is still very content in his "home." We only dilated 1/2 cm more, so we are now at 2 1/2 cm. At this rate, he won't come out until October! We are scheduled to be induced Monday morning! We are going in at 5 am, then the fun begins:) My parents are coming up for the weekend. We are going to the Regions Charity golf tournament, then getting ready for baby! Maybe he'll come on his own before Monday morning...we'll keep our fingers crossed! We cannot wait to see his beautiful face!!! So excited!!!


  1. How exciting!! Monday will be here before you know it! Or sooner at that! Praying for a speedy and healthy delivery.

  2. I was hoping that all of the walking yall did at the golf tournament would make lil man come today?!? I know yall had a wonderful time! Dont forget to have Josh text me when "it's time"!! I cannot wait to meet lil Dax & I know yall are soo ready! Love ya girl!!